Parc-Y-Prior Inn, Malpas
Open Today: 11:00am - 11:00pm
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Our brand-new drinks menu has just landed at The Parc-Y-Prior Inn

Join us for a catch up with friends over our brand-new cocktails, a quiet ice-cold pint at the bar or start your weekend with high spirits. No matter your tipple of choice or the occasion, we have something to whet your appetite every time with our brand-new drinks menu.

Ready to get a round in?

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Brand-new cocktails

Get shaken and perhaps a little stirred by our brand-new cocktails from just £5.99! Let our exotic Piña Colada mentally whisk you away to Caribbean beaches with just one sip or sweeten up your summer with our Jammy Gin Fizz.

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From the crisp and refreshing 19 Crimes Chardonnay to the sumptuous 19 Crimes Red, perfect to pair with our 28-day matured flame-grilled steak, we’ve got wine for every occasion.  So, what more of an excuse do you need? We’ll grab the corkscrew!

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Open to the doors to our gin parlour and discover classic and fruity flavours that you’ll want to explore. We’d recommend our brand-new Bombay Citron Pressé, bursting with the taste of freshly squeezed Mediterranean lemons. The perfect gin for summertime sipping!

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Get into high spirits with contemporary and classic flavours. Let us mentally whisk you away to faraway beach with our brand-new Malibu Strawberry, bursting with sweet and smooth strawberry flavours, perfectly paired with Schweppes Melon Watermelon Soda.


BOGOF Cocktails

Best of all, on Friday and Saturday nights between 6-9om, all of our cocktails are 2-4-1. From our fruity Passion Fruit Punch to our exotic Pina Cola, we’ve got cocktails perfect for every occasion at the Parc-Y-Prior Inn.

Let our exotic Piña Colada mentally whisk you away to Caribbean beaches with just one sip, or enjoy the super sweet sips of Jammy Gin Fizz. We have something for everyone!