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Brighton is one of the UK’s most famous tourist hotspots. It’s brimming with history and famous locations to explore, but there are even more fantastic places that populate the city — Greene King pubs! So when you’re searching for pubs in Brighton, look no further. 

The city is known for its wild nightlife and daytime attractions alike. Whichever you’re partaking in, make sure to take a break and grab some food from our classic pub menu. And with comfort food like fish and chips, scampi and chips, and other seafood dishes, you can really get in the swing of the seaside way of life. Not forgetting the huge variety of other dishes our pubs offer. Pies and burgers, steaks and curries – there’s always something for everyone, including vegan and vegetarian options and gluten-free alternatives. 

And if you’re in the city to soak up some sport, you can’t go wrong either. Lots of our pubs even have dedicated sports areas, where you can watch the big game with a drink in hand and commiserate or celebrate with your fellow fans.

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Best pubs in Brighton

Many years ago, Brighton was nicknamed “The Queen of Watering Places” by poet Horrace Smith. And would it be wrong to assume the queen of watering places is also the queen of watering holes? Our Brighton pub guide picks out a handful of our local favourites for you to explore at your leisure.  


The roast of Sundays past, present and future

Famous for the trio of ghosts said to wander the halls of this Brighton pub, the Druids Head dates back to the 16th century. With history as rich as the flavours found in the beers served, the Druids Head is located in Brighton’s famous historic quarter, the Lanes, right in the middle of the old town centre. Here, you can look forward to tucking into some tasty food, including roast dinners on Sundays, after you’ve spent the day shopping or seeing the sights of the surrounding city.


City centre stouts

Located smack-bang in the centre of town, the Sussex is a traditional pub that’s just off Market Street only a short walk away from the beautiful Old Steine gardens. Serving cocktails all day long, here you can feel the friendly atmosphere the city’s so well known for. You can also enjoy our traditional menu of pub classics that lean into the local coastal vibe, offering a selection of fish dishes along with old favourites. And that’s without even thinking about the massive selection of drinks available behind the bar. 

6908 Fiveways (Brighton) - PS - INTERIOR 01.jpg

For when you’re at a crossroads

The Fiveways pub sits on a junction in Brighton that — you guessed it — splits five ways. Here you can plan how you’ll navigate the rest of the city, and where better to pick a road to travel along than in a pub positioned at the meeting point of five? If you’re in a rush to explore, maybe all you’ll need is one of our small plates. But if you’re here for something bigger, our main menu has something for everyone. So fill up, drink up and get back out there – and remember to come back when you want to explore another avenue. 

6934 Palmeira (Hove) - PS - BEER GARDEN - INTRO.jpg

Feeling the pier pressure?

A day out in Brighton can be a lot. At the Palmeira, just out of town in Hove, you’ll be able to get away from the hustle and bustle and relax with some live sports. With Sky Sports and TNT Sports, make sure you get the Greene King Sport App to make the most of our selection of beer, wines and spirits while the game’s on. And that’s not all. A scan of our menu will reveal a wide range of perfect pub grub to enjoy while you watch the action. 

More about Brighton

In Brighton, there are tourist attractions galore. But back in the 17th century, the city was nothing more than a small fishing village. That all changed when Richard Russell, a man who was exploring the health benefits of seawater, settled in the area and kicked off a craze of sea bathing. From here, the ball was rolling on Brighton becoming the vibrant seaside destination it is today. 

Today, you can visit the legendary Brighton Palace Pier to try your hand at the arcade or ride the rails of the booster or turbo coasters. Take a walk down to the beach and experience the famous Brighton sunset on the pebbles. 

The city is also a hotspot for shoppers. With one of the trendiest populations in the country, it makes sense that there would be fashionable stores everywhere you look. So, why not pick up some new threads and see what else you can find as you dive into shops across the city? 

If you want to know more about the history of the region, be sure to visit the Royal Pavilion. A museum in the centre of town that was originally built in 1830 as a pleasure palace for King George IV, it’s a must-see in the city.  

With so much to explore, Brighton has something for everyone. And once you’re done exploring, pop into one of our pubs to round out your day.

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