Sink your teeth into a steak at a Greene King pub

Steak is a beloved dish for many people worldwide. But what is it about it that captures our hearts – and taste buds? If you're craving pub food, or looking for a delicious steak near you, pop into one of our pubs. Here at Greene King, we consider our steaks to have something of a celebrity status, which is why we've become a top destination for steak lovers. We pride ourselves on their nutrient rich, juicy, tender qualities and our chefs will always cook your steak exactly how you like it. 

Why choose Greene King for your next steak?

Have you ever eaten a meal that was so delicious it almost left you speechless? Our steaks might just do that. Our chefs are experts in grilling meat and only choose the most premium cut beef that retains the most delicious flavours. With unparalleled freshness and the most tender texture, we can confidently say that Greene King pubs are some of the best steak restaurants near you. Not to mention the attentive service and excellent facilities you’ll find across all of our pub restaurants. 


Our selection of prime cuts

From fillet to sirloin and ribeye to rump, there are plenty of steak choices available to you at Greene King. Fillet steaks are usually the finest cut. Properly prepared and cooked, fillets are so tender, they should melt in your mouth. Sirloins are tasty and succulent whereas rump steaks are lean yet relatively tender. Ribeye steaks are one of the largest and most premium choices, bursting with flavour and juiciness. Whichever cut you go for, all our steaks are locally sourced from our trusted suppliers in honour of commitment to quality and sustainability, so you can be sure you're getting the best steak around. For you and the planet. 


Cooked exactly how you want it

There are lots of ways to cook a flavourful steak and our chefs have been trained to deliver every time. They use a delicate and distinctive choice of seasoning and grill steaks to perfection. Whether you like a super rare steak, medium all the way or if well done is more your thing, our chefs will serve it just the way you like it.. Or need, if you’re pregnant. Whatever you prefer, we want your steak to arrive exactly as you order it.

Supplement your steak

You can't have a steak without a top-notch sauce or side to complement those meaty flavours. You'll find a huge selection of sauces and a wide variety of sides such as chips and salads. And if you love red wine, make sure you pair your steak with a big, bold bottle like a Malbec.. If you’d like some advice on which wines go best with your cut, we’ll be happy to help.


Special steak nights

Look out for our special promotions and offers throughout the year to get the most bang for your buck. And keep an eye out for things like steak nights, wine pairing evenings and seasonal steak specials at your local Greene King pub. So bring a loved one or your friends to one of our pub restaurants near you for a dining experience that promises great food and great company. 


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