All day Wacky fun for kids and grown-ups!

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Wacky Warehouse is the home of the slidiest slides, the most colourful crafts and the wackiest kids around! There’s nowhere better to set your kids loose than Wacky Warehouse soft play, party venue and activity centres.

Our Wacky Warehouse teams absolutely love kids and enjoy nothing more than seeing your children leave with big smiles on their faces. Seeing as we’ve been hosting the wackiest parties since 1994, our teams are the world experts at making sure they always have a great time.

We offer a number of different party packages, from the Classic Party through to the Ultimate Party. We will take care of all the fun and excitement!

Adults always go free, as do babies under 12 months. And for our regulars it’s always worth becoming a member. With a Wacky Club Card, you’ll not only get amazing value entry fees, but also a discount on food.


We offer a fantastic range of delicious meals and snacks to suit all kinds of tastes, making it easy for the kids to pick out their favourites and create their perfect meal. We provide a full range of low salt, low sugar and vegetarian choices because at Wacky we love to see kids eating healthily. We’ve even got options for early weaners, along with something for hungry parents with the full menu still available.

What’s more, we’re usually located right next door to one of our family pubs. After wearing your kids out at Wacky Warehouse and then filling their tummies, we guarantee they’ll be zonked out once you get home – giving you the chance to have a peaceful evening in!