We want to make Greene King a place which is fully inclusive for all our team members, where all our people are embraced and valued for who they are so they can reach their full potential and thrive with us.

We’re on a journey to Everyday Inclusion

Our Inclusion and Diversity strategy commits to create an inclusive workplace and culture where everyone's individuality and difference is celebrated and welcomed. We’re acting to build and nurture an inclusive culture where all feel a sense of belonging and are made welcome

We aim to achieve our goals through agreed strategic decisive action and commitments. We have an overall commitment to remove fear of inclusion through education and a continuous narrative of Everyday Inclusion underpinning our overall business objectives.

Part of our plan is to educate and inspire people to make change happen, and importantly remove the fear surrounding inclusion and inclusive conversations.


Our mission: To be the trailblazers on inclusion in hospitality. We’re raising the bar high to not only drive change internally but to influence it externally. We aim to be proud to be seen to be driving change and making a difference to our team members and customer experiences.

Our intent: To build and sustain a more diverse environment where all our people are embraced and valued for who they are so that they reach their full potential and thrive.

Employee Led Inclusion Groups

We have four employee volunteer-led groups, each of which is chaired by an Executive Board member, and is focused on true inclusion for all, each with a different focus area. They are led by people from all kinds of jobs, from all parts of the business and from all different backgrounds, some from the community we represent, some allies. All groups are safe spaces focused on making a difference.


Our Black, Asian and minority ethnic focused community group, where ‘diversity is their identity’, focused on true inclusion for all

Village Greene

Our LGBTQ+ focused community group is there to help make Greene King a great place for LGBTQ+ team members to work

Greene Sky

Our female community group is focused on supporting and developing great females and highlighting the impact they have across Greene King


Our disability community focused group is aimed at supporting Greene King to truly be a Disability Confident Employer and positively impacting the experiences of our team members with visible and non-visible disabilities.



To support us with Everyday Inclusion, we work with a number of partners, including Welcome All in Hospitality, Travel and Leisure (WiTHL), the Business Disability Forum, Switchboard LGBT+ and Inclusive Employers. We are also signatories to the Valuable 500 and If Not Now, When? Pledge.


Calling Time on Racism

We have made a public commitment to becoming a truly anti-racist organisation by publishing our ‘Calling Time on Racism’ plan that sets out four long term commitments to drive cultural change in the way we recruit and develop our people and ensure that our pubs, restaurants and hotels are welcoming to everyone. All our Executive team have now been reverse mentored by Greene King team members from the Black, Asian and minority ethnic community, representing both our operations and support centres.


Gender pronouns

Our team members are encouraged to share their gender pronouns, where they feel comfortable to do so, on their email signatures as a way of creating an inclusive environment. We believe there are many benefits of including pronouns on our email signatures such as: 

  • It normalises that we shouldn’t assume a person’s gender identity
  • It shows we respect the gender identity of all our team members
  • It helps avoid any uncomfortable or distressing experiences of misgendering someone

We encourage our external and industry partners to do the same to support further inclusion. There are three types of pronouns He/Him, She/Her and They/Them. They/Them refers to those who do not associate with either the male or female gender pronouns here are a couple of examples of how we use They/Them pronouns in a conversation

‘They sit here’

‘This is their laptop’

‘Sam is in a meeting, they will give you a call back’

‘She thinks highly of them’

This is just one of the many steps we’re taking on our journey to Everyday Inclusion at Greene King with the support of our employee led inclusion groups.