Pints of Hazy Day at the bar

Hazy Day Hazy IPA

Hazy Day is a smooth, fruity hazy IPA, with orange, citrus and tropical notes. The inspiration for the name dates back to the 16th Century in Bury St Edmunds, for those who were convicted of minor crimes were sentenced to a day in the pillories.

With clouded judgement & a hazy sense of morality, locals would come to heckle, goad, and even throw things at the miscreants. Hazy Day is an unlawfully delicious beer packed with tropical flavours.

Tasting Notes

Hazy pale ale with soft tropical fruit aroma and taste, grapefruit and citrus with hints of lemon, orange and coconut. Easy drinking with pine, resin hop and hints of woody, spicy hop.



Food Pairing

Sea bass, scallops, scampi. Burgers, chicken dishes, moderately spicy dishes like Cajun chicken with fruity sauce or dip.