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When we launched Belhaven Best in 1991 we pioneered a new concept for beer drinking in Scotland. The beautifully balanced smooth and creamy honey-coloured beer is dispensed using a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide – otherwise known as nitrokeg technology.

Today, Belhaven Best is Scotland’s best-selling ale and is brewed – along with the entire Belhaven range – at our brewery in Dunbar. Book a tour and see Scotland’s oldest working brewery in action!



We have many, many different ales in the Belhaven portfolio. Here’s a bit more about our favourites.

Belhaven Best
Truly the cream of Scottish beer, Belhaven Best is a rich, smooth, malty beer that looks great and tastes even better. It’s brewed from 100% Scottish barley and is available on smooth keg or widget can.

Twisted Thistle IPA
Big, bold and juicy. That’s why Twisted Thistle is our flagship American-style IPA. We balance full-bodied Scottish barley malt with loads of challenger, cascade and Hersbrucker hops to produce a beer that greets you with a nose-full of grapefruit aroma and follows up with a refreshingly bitter bite. Twisted Thistle was awarded a Monde Silver Award in 2014. 

Intergalactic Dry Hop Lager
This bright, fresh lager is our newest beer in the Belhaven craft portfolio. We brew a classic pilsner-style lager and at the end of fermentation we add three zesty, citrusy American hops. Added late in the process, these hops contribute tons of aroma and a briskness on the pallet while retaining the clean crisp finish and perfect refreshment that you’d expect from a great craft lager.

Belhaven Black
Brewed with three types of Scottish malt and water from our ancient brewery well, Belhaven Black is a deliciously sessionable Scottish stout, with roasty notes of coffee and dark chocolate.  This beer picked up a Monde Gold Award in 2014 and we challenge you to find a more approachable yet satisfying stout!

Belhaven 80 Shilling
Typically traditional Scottish ales were named according to the wholesale price of a cask. Historically, 80 Shillings were top shelf stuff, so only the best ingredients are used in our classic 80/- with three local malts and two hop varieties creating a rich copper-coloured beer with malty, toffee and soft fruit character.

St Andrews Ale
This classic amber ale is inspired by the great Scottish invention: golf. Like the game, it’s all about simplicity and balance – in this case, the perfect balance between biscuity malt and herbal and fruity hops. Just the thing to quench the thirst after a day on the links.


To read the full tasting notes for the Belhaven beers range, visit our Beer Genius site where you’ll find descriptions for Belhaven Best, Twisted Thistle IPA, Belhaven Black, Belhaven 80 Shilling, St Andrews Ale and Intergalactic Dry Hop Lager.