Wacky Warehouse offers a Sleep Guarantee this Christmas

• Leading soft play provider offers Sleep Guarantee to parents with excited children
• Offer follows research revealing the sleep issues children experience during the fun-filled festive season
• Children’s sleep expert Andrea Grace says keeping little ones active ensures a good night’s sleep

The UK’s leading soft play centre, Wacky Warehouse, is offering parents and guardians free entry for any child who doesn’t enjoy a sound night’s sleep after a day of play in the run up to Christmas.

The Wacky Warehouse Sleep Guarantee follows new research into how little ones’ sleep is impacted amid the action-packed festive season, with excitement and late nights galore – and over half of parents (54%) saying their child’s regular sleep routine is impacted more over the Christmas period than any other time of year.

As part of the offer, Wacky Warehouse is offering a guarantee that children will sleep better after a fun-filled day of play - if not, their next visit in January is free.

Any parent or guardian who pays for a play session between 11 December and Christmas Eve should retain their food or drink receipt and go online and fill in a feedback form if they’re not satisfied their child has slept better as a result of their visit.

The Wacky Warehouse poll revealed the average child wakes up at 6am on Christmas Day – around 90 minutes earlier than they would usually wake up on the weekend.

The study also shows exercise has a positive impact on a child’s sleep, with just 5% of parents saying their child sleeps worse the night after a day out at a soft play centre.

According to the research, seasonal excitement (71%), evening activities (59%), lack of a regular routine (55%), and increased sugar intake (34%) are the key reasons for poor sleep over Christmas time.

Sleep expert Andrea Grace said each of these festive factors contributes to reduced levels of sleep for children over the Christmas period.

She said: “With the excitement of Santa’s pending visit, a change in routine, and an increase in activities over the holidays, children are prone to a sensory overload at Christmas.

“This can trigger an influx of adrenaline and cortisol hormones, impacting a child’s ability to sleep and having a knock-on effect to their physical and emotional development.”

Andrea added: “For parents struggling to get their little ones to sleep in the lead up to Christmas, keeping them active during the day so that they’re tired when it’s time for bed is one great way to ensure a good night’s sleep.

“That’s why Wacky Warehouse’s sleep guarantee comes at exactly the right time of year, and I’d encourage mums, dads and guardians to take their little ones for a fun-filled day of soft play this month.”

Samantha Simpson, Marketing Manager at Wacky Warehouse, added: “It’s fascinating to see just how much children’s sleep is impacted by the excitement of the festive season.

“Our research shows a fun-filled day of play at Wacky Warehouse results in a better night’s sleep for children, wearing them out before bedtime and providing a handy distraction from the seasonal excitement of Christmas.

“That’s why we’re happy to support parents by offering free entry for a session in January for any child who doesn’t sleep well after their December visit.

“And it’s not only soft play on offer, with Wacky Warehouse offering families a menu of hearty meals to enjoy – providing parents with an alternative to the sugary treats that often characterise Christmas.”

To find your local Wacky Warehouse, visit: https://www.wackywarehouse.co.uk/