The classic Full English/Scottish Breakfast is the nation’s favourite morning meal, according to new national research published today.

The classic Full English/Scottish Breakfast is the nation’s favourite morning meal, according to new national research published today.

The study, by Farmhouse Inns, has revealed that the classic Full Breakfast is the nation’s favourite, with over half of us (54%) saying it’s the ‘ultimate’ breakfast meal, beating porridge (7%), cereal (7%) and pancakes (6%).

When it comes to loving the big breakfast, no one is more passionate about the well-known combination of bacon, sausage, beans, and eggs than locals in Worcester – where a whopping 74% of residents said it was their top choice to start the day.

As a nation, the most loved element of a Full Brekkie is bacon, with a quarter of Brits (24%) naming it their favourite item ahead of sausage (18%), with eggs (14%) coming in third place.

When it comes to what we’d rather do without, more than a third (35%) voted to remove the humble black pudding and over one in ten (13%) would want to get rid of tomato from our plates.

Eggs might be a breakfast staple, but the nation is divided on how we like to have them cooked. The most egg-cellent choice for 33% of Brits was fried and 25% would prefer scrambled. However, one in four of us (25%) would also vote for a poached egg with their breakfast. Whether your preference is poached, fried or scrambled, you can find each of the options available at your local Farmhouse Inns.

When it comes to the ratio of breakfast items, two, really is the magic number – with Brits overwhelmingly voting for two of all the main breakfast items on their dream breakfast plate. According to the data, 56% said yes to double bacon, 57% yes to double sausages, 43% said yes to double hash browns, and 57% yes to double eggs. 

When it comes to our morning drinks, it’s no surprise that tea and coffee were in close competition for the top spot. According to the survey of 2,000 UK adults, tea is the winner, taking 35% of the vote, compared to 34% who opted for coffee.

In fact, Britain’s stereotype as a nation of tea lovers was further reinforced, as 1 in 4 Brits admit to having over 4 cups of tea a day. Just over one in ten (13%) opt for fruit juice with their morning meal and as few as 5% of people start the day with a healthy glass of water.

Regionally, tea is more popular in York than anywhere else in the country, with almost half (48%) of locals saying it’s their top breakfast drink. Whereas Wrexham has been named as the coffee capital of the UK – with 48% saying it’s their go to morning serve.  

Breakfast might sound like a simple dish to prepare, but according to a fifth of Brits (19%) the Full English is the most difficult morning meal to cook properly, followed closely by breakfast waffles (14%).

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