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Greene King team members benefit from an improved flexible working policy

Greene King has announced a new flexible working policy as well as an enhanced suite of family leave policies to help its team members balance their work/life commitments and support those who are growing their families.

There are over 39,000 team members at Greene King, many of whom will be eligible to this wide range of added support.

Greene King is bringing in the new flexible working policy ahead of new employment legislation coming into force next year. The Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Bill received Royal Assent in July and provides employees with the right to request flexible working from their first day in the job, as opposed to the current 26-weeks, and an increase in the statutory requests in any 12-month period from one to two. Decisions on requests will now be made within two months (as opposed to the previous three months).

Following on from Greene King’s enhanced maternity policy in 2022, there are new and improved policies for paternity leave, adoptive leave, and other leave for moments that matter such as compassionate leave, emergency leave for dependents, and support for team members called up for Jury Service.

  • There is a significant improvement to the paternity policy from the statutory position and additional paid time-off for up to five antenatal or adoption appointments.
  • For team members looking to adopt, the policy is aligned with Greene King’s enhanced maternity policy which also offers wrap around support.
  • Further improvements to the compassionate leave and emergency leave for dependents include paid time off for up to five days and an additional day to attend a funeral. This has been harmonised across the business to include all in-pub team members as well as those from the support centres and breweries.

Andrew Bush, chief people and transformation officer at Greene King, says the new suite of policies are designed to help people grow their families, support those who depend upon them and manage out-of-work matters, while developing their careers with the company.

He said: “Our company prides itself on its people and they are at the heart of our success. It is right for us to recognise how people’s lives change throughout their careers and at different life stages, and we are pleased to offer such a wide level of support. We cannot predict when things will happen in people’s lives, but, as a good employer, we can support them when it’s needed. To be the pride of British hospitality we want to give our team members the best opportunities to balance their work and home lives, which in turn helps them to better serve our customers.”