Greene King launches Cask Ale Club exclusively for Pub Partners

Greene King has launched a ‘Cask Ale Club’ initiative exclusively available to its Pub Partners.

The collaboration between Greene King’s Brewery and its tenanted, leased and franchise division, Pub Partners, will see ‘Cask Ale Club’ members receive enhanced support and exclusive offers.

To begin with, the club will be exclusive to the biggest cask ale leased & tenanted pubs by volume within the Pub Partners estate, with plans to expand this as the club develops.

The club aims to help Partners grow their cask ale beer volume even further by enhancing and ensuring the quality of their cask ale in pub, preserving the cask ale tradition that is synonymous with the great British pub.

Members of the ‘Cask Ale Club’ will receive several benefits and perks, including:

Bespoke Promotions and Competitions: Members will receive tailored promotions and engaging competitions to drive customer engagement with cask in pub.
Ceramic House Ale Pump Clips: Members will have the option of receiving a unique, ceramic house ale pump clip, showcasing their participation in the 'Cask Ale Club.'
Sample Beer Flight Kits: Club members will be able to offer customers the chance to explore new flavours through sample beer flight kits.
VIP access to Brewery Tours and Events: Club members will gain exclusive access to brewery tours and events, fostering a deeper connection with the craft of brewing.
Framed Certificate: Participating pubs will have a framed certificate, acknowledging their commitment to exceptional cask ale service.

Furthermore, ‘Cask Ale Club’ members will receive their own dedicated, quarterly newsletter – presenting them with the latest promotions and offers on cask beer, ensuring they remain well informed to provide the very best cask ale experience.

Dan Robinson, Managing Director for Greene King Pub Partners, said: “We are proud to be launching the ‘Cask Ale Club’. The club is a testament to our commitment to support our partners and reward their brilliance. It is a great example of the benefits of being a partner and having not only a leading pub company, but a leading brewery, by your side helping you grow your business. I’m really excited to see how it evolves as more Partners join the club.”

Matt Starbuck, Managing Director for the Greene King Brewery said: “We’re thrilled to be launching this bespoke initiative for our Pub Partners that not only supports the cask ale category to drive its future, but also celebrates cask beer, a unique experience that you can only find in a pub. We’ve compiled a package that we believe will really help to elevate our Partners cask offering and we can’t wait to see the club grow in the future.”