Greene King - Enjoy Responsibly - tips for enjoying alcohol responsibly

Top tips for enjoying alcohol responsibly

Here’s to the good times! Raising a glass to celebrate special occasions with friends and family, an after-work drink with colleagues or post-match refreshments are all well deserved. Let’s all enjoy them sensibly and safely.

Here are some ways to enjoy a drink more responsibly

It’s easy to enjoy a drink or two and still be safe. Try following these tips when you’re next drinking: 

  • Add food. It’s a good idea to eat before you start drinking as food will help the alcohol be absorbed more slowly
  • Add water. Pace and space out your alcohol, drink water or a soft drink in between
  • Take away peer pressure. If you are in a round of drinks, you can say No. Likewise with top ups, if you are sharing a bottle of wine or pitcher of beer or cocktails
  • Take a break. Enjoy alcohol responsibly and take a break from drinking some days during the week

Trying these handy tips equals enjoying alcohol responsibly.

Remember: Keep a tab on what you are drinking and how often. The UK government recommends no more than 14 units a week, spread over several days.