Greene King - Enjoy Responsibly - seven steps to reduce weekly units

Seven steps to reduce your weekly units

There are some easy ways to reduce your weekly alcohol intake, and today’s drinks manufacturers and bars are helping with extended ranges of low and no drinks on offer.

Try these seven steps to reduce your seven-day alcohol intake: 

  1. Think: drink less quantity, less strength and less frequently
  2. Go for a Low or No alcohol version of your chosen drink.  There are some tasty options available in beers, wines and spirits
  3. Reduce the quantity of your alcoholic drinks – have a small glass or half pint
  4. Decide which days of the week you will keep alcohol-free
  5. Staying hydrated is really important, alcohol will not quench a thirst, so make sure you have plenty of water or a soft drink
  6. You are more likely to succeed in reducing your drinking when you tell your friends and family your drinking plans so you have support at home and when you are out
  7. Take things one step at a time and gradually reduce your drinking, the frequency, the strength and the volume, then enjoy the benefits!

For practical advice on moderate drinking, take a look at Welcome to Club Soda.