Tollgate, Bury St Edmunds
Open Today: 11:00am - 11:00pm
Guests enjoying summer drinks in the beer garden

Soak up the sunshine this summer at Tollgate, Bury St Edmunds

Fresh flavours, refreshing drinks, and (hopefully) a whole lot of sun. We LOVE summer here at the Tollgate, and we hope you'll spend a bit of yours here with us. Catch up with old friends, make some new ones, or just kick back with the family. The food's hot, the drinks are cold, and we've saved you a seat.

Summer Drinks

Our Hunni & Elderflower spritz is not one to miss this summer. Bringing all the flavour of a country garden, with Absolut Hunni and Bottlegreen elderflower cordial, it's fresh, light, and absolutely delicious. Or, if you're having some sober fun in the sun, our 0% White Peach Bellini is the one for you. Made with 0% Freixenet Sparkling Wine, Monin White Peach Syrup, and a healthy dose of sunshine.

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