Gosling Bridge Inn, Carlisle
Open Today: 11:00am - 10:30pm

New Menu hitting your plates

Get ready to tantalise those taste buds and ignite your appetite because our brand-new menu is hotter than the flames on our grills!

Full racks of succulent, fall-off-the-bone ribs, burgers stacked with more flavour than ever before and sizzling skillets that are a full-on fusion explosion. Our brand-new dishes are fresh from the flames and guaranteed to have you licking your lips in anticipation.

Ready to hit the grill? Our flames are all fired up and ready to go at Gosling Bridge Inn. So, get ready for flavours that are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings and have you coming back for more.

Hero Dishes


The Tandoori Temptress

Picture this, succulent flame-grilled tandoori-spiced chicken thighs, skewered with an onion bhaji and served with an Indian-inspired yoghurt and mint dip to balance out the fiery flavours. Just be warned, one bite and you'll already be thinking about coming back for more.


The Southern State Spice

Get ready to be blown away by this stacked burger masterpiece hotter than a Tennessee summer. We're talking southern fried chicken, topped with a juicy flame-grilled jalapeño and cheese sausage and a generous helping of oozy nacho cheese and Nashville Hot Sauce that'll set your mouth on fire.


Tikka Tandoori Skillet

Treat yourself to tender flame-grilled chicken thighs and succulent chicken wings coated in a smoky tikka rub, served with a crispy onion bhaji and smoky tikka tater tots that'll make your mouth water. And let's not forget about the tikka sauce, because no Tikka Tandoor Skillet would be complete without it.


Full Rack of Ribs

A full rack of BBQ-glazed pork ribs so succulent you'll be licking your fingers for more. Meat so tender it practically falls off the bone with every bite. And if that wasn't enough to satisfy your cravings, we're serving them up with a side of fries, corn on the cob and creamy coleslaw.


The Spicy Tex Mex Chilli Sharer

We're talking eight chicken wings, four flame-grilled jalapeño and cheese sausages, a pot of beef burnt ends in BBQ sauce, tater tots, tortilla wraps and a mountain of our absolutely stacked nachos. Served with Nashville Hot Sauce and Bulls-Eye Carolina Reaper Extra Hot Sauce for those who like to play with fire.