We know how important it is to behave in a responsible, caring and sustainable way. It matters to our customers, our team members, our neighbours, and it also matters to us. That’s why we are fully committed to our corporate responsibility programme. We have four areas of focus: our communities, our people, our environment and our customers.


Pubs are part of communities. They’re the place where everyone comes together to relax and enjoy the time with family and friends. We want to play a role in supporting our communities and maintaining their strength.

Macmillan Cancer Support

In May 2012, we launched our first national charity partnership, committing to raise £1m over three years for Macmillan Cancer Support. Thanks to the hard work, dedication and creativity of our team members together with the generosity of our guests, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve raised £5m! 

“We are proud of how our team members have worked tirelessly with real passion and enthusiasm to raise much needed funds to support people with cancer.”

Our pubs and team members have raised more than £5m for Macmillan Cancer Support

Focus 12
We support Focus 12, a charity based near our headquarters and brewery in Bury St. Edmunds. Focus 12 provides treatment for those with drug and alcohol dependencies and offers guidance and counselling for family members.

Pub is the Hub
We’re big supporters of Pub is the Hub. Our funding goes towards its Community Services Fund, to help rural pubs that want to branch out and offer new services for the benefit of their communities – opening a library or butcher’s shop for example.

Prostate Cancer UK
All of our Spirit Pubs got behind Prostate Cancer UK during the Rugby World Cup in 2015 and raised more than £70,000.


It’s the people at Greene King who make us who and what we are. We want to be a first-class employer and we believe that looking after our 44,000-strong team is central to our success. We want our people to have the opportunity to develop in their careers and, of course, we want to attract and retain the best people too.

Training and development
We encourage and support our people to build their careers in the direction that they would like to. Our dedicated training programmes are specific for each of our business areas so that our team members get the development they need.

We are really proud of our apprenticeship programme, and think it’s a great way to support young people starting out in their careers. In 2011, we signed up to the Government’s apprenticeship scheme, and since then we’ve supported 7,400 apprentices through their qualifications. What’s more, we’ve pledged to take on another 10,000 apprentices over the next three years. That means by 2019 we’ll have supported more than 17,000 apprentices!

“In 2011 we signed up to the Government’s apprenticeship scheme and since then we’ve supported 7,400 apprentices through their qualifications. What’s more, we’ve pledged to take on another 10,000 apprentices over the next three years. That means by 2019 we’ll have supported more than 17,000 apprentices!”

Employee engagement
Our people enjoy working at Greene King. We achieved an employee engagement score of 70% in our most recent Employee Engagement questionnaire. We’re also pleased that 89% of our team members said that they’d recommend Greene King as a great place to work to others.

Supporting our tenants
We’ve been helping people run their own pubs for more than 200 years. We know that the support we provide is one of the reasons that we’re a preferred partner for the best licensees. That’s why we continue giving our tenants and licensees the advice and guidance they need.

Gender Pay Gap reports

Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

Gender Pay Gap Report 2018


Reducing our environmental impact is key to the long-term sustainability of our business. We are currently focused on reducing our consumption of energy, water and waste.

We understand the value of investing in new technology. In our Bury St. Edmunds brewery, we’ve converted the brewery boilers to gas from the previous light fuel oil, which has significantly reduced emissions. We’ve also continued to convert the lighting in our pubs, restaurants and hotels to low energy LED bulbs. In fact, we’ve already installed LED lighting in 740 of our Spirit pubs. And we’ve upgraded our boilers and heating control systems in many sites too.

We’re proud that our Spirit sites are supplied with 100% renewable electricity. All the power for the pubs, restaurants and hotels are is generated from wind, biomass and hydro sources.

In association with Total Gas & Power and Ineco, our Spirit business won an ‘Energy Efficiency Award’ at the 2015 Footprint Foodservice Awards for the progress we’ve made through our energy initiatives! In fact, Spirit has reduced its electricity consumption by 11% over the last two years, making excellent progress towards creating a whole range of technologies and actions that can be implemented across the estate.

We observe our water usage in 200 sites. This helps us set benchmarks for the rest of our estate and know when to investigate if there’s high usage. We also work with 20 water companies that supply us nationally, to help us implement ways of making further savings as well as investigate water leaks.

Our Spirit business won ‘Water efficient project of the year’ at The Energy Awards 2015. The award recognised the impact of our water strategy which, in collaboration with Waterscan, has helped us reduce our water consumption by 12% in the last three years. We’ve saved so much water by finding internal and external leaks, fixing leaky water and storage tanks and replacing faulty taps!

“We’re proud that our Spirit sites are supplied with 100% renewable electricity.”

We continue to work hard at reducing waste across the business. More than 570 of our Greene King sites divert more than 80% of their waste from landfill. And our Spirit pubs now divert 96% of their waste from landfill – last year that included 1m litres of used cooking oil; 2,520 tonnes of food waste; 8,527 tonnes of glass; 1,870 tonnes of cardboard; 122 tonnes of plastic and 19 tonnes of tin!

We’re also a signatory on the Food and Service Hospitality Agreement and work with WRAP to reduce our food waste, optimise package and increase our recycling rates.

Environmental impact
We’re proud that our Spirit business won the 2015 award for ‘Environmental Improvement’ at the European Supply Chain Excellence Awards. The prize recognised the work we’ve carried out within Spirit’s Supply Chain and the way in which we’ve collaborated with our suppliers and partners to minimise our environmental impact on local communities.

Environmental policy
Greene King’s activities and products, including and associated with brewing, packaging and distribution of beers and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from the Bury St Edmunds sites are certified to the international standard for Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001). As part of this standard we have an Environmental Policy that sets out our commitments in relation to managing environmental impacts and ensuring continual improvement. Please click here to view our Environmental Policy.

Our Guests

We take seriously our responsibility to provide a safe, affordable and convenient experience for our guests every time they visit us.

Food safety standards
Food safety in our kitchens and within our supply chain is of vital importance to us. That’s why we insist that all of our suppliers either have a British Retail Consortium or a Safe and Local Supplier Approval accreditation. We require that all food products supplied to us meet our strict labelling requirements, and that our suppliers can demonstrate full traceability of all their products, too.

We are committed to delivering excellent food and kitchen standards. In our Pub Company business, we carry out training and external audits, and we work with local authorities on the issue. Both of our breweries also hold a grade A rating with the British Retail Consortium’s food safety standards.

“We provide full allergen information in all our pubs, restaurants and hotels, so that our guests can make more informed meal choices.”

Chef & Brewer's fresh and delicious Mango, Mozzarella & Asparagus Salad

“Many of our menus now offer at least ten dishes that are under 500 calories.”

Allergens and gluten
We want our guests with allergies and intolerances to feel comfortable in our pubs and restaurants, and trust our food. We’ve trained our team members to help them better understand allergens. We also provide full allergen information in all our pubs, restaurants and hotels, so that our customers can make more informed meal choices. We’re proud of our expanding non-gluten range – it’s bigger than ever before!


Responsible retailing
We encourage our guests to visit our Enjoy Responsibly website. The site gives lots of information and advice about responsible drinking, the impact of alcohol on health, and offers useful resources such as a unit calculator.

We follow as a minimum, the ‘Challenge 21’ scheme or ‘Challenge 25’ in our pubs and our tills remind our team members behind the bar to check. What’s more, all of our new bar team members have to complete our training before they can serve alcohol, so that they understand their legal responsibilities and obligations, as well as the impact of alcohol on children.


“If you’re lucky to look young enough, you can expect to be asked to prove your age in our pubs. We follow as a minimum, the ‘Challenge 21’ scheme, or ‘Challenge 25’ in our pubs.”

Healthy eating
Our aim is to serve great-tasting, quality food and to give customers a choice of a wide range of menu options that support a healthy balanced diet. Many of our menus now offer at least ten dishes that are under 500 calories.

We want to help parents feed their children healthy meals. Our kids’ menus offer fresh fruit, salad and fresh vegetables, in line with the five-a-day government strategy on dealing with obesity.

We have also been signed up to eight pledges in the Government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal. For a number of years, we have shown commitment to taking voluntary action to improve public health!



This statement has been published in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.  It sets out the steps taken by Greene King plc and other relevant group companies to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking it its business and supply chains.


Slavery and human trafficking are abuses of a person’s freedoms and rights.  They are however a growing issue across the world, in every region and every economy.  We recognise that we have a responsibility to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking both within our business and our supply chain.  We are committed to making a positive contribution to society by developing and implementing business practices that allow us to deliver financial success whilst conducting our business strategy and operations in a responsible manner.

Our business

Greene King was founded in 1799 and is headquartered in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. We currently employ around 44,000 people across our main trading businesses; Pub Company, Pub Partners and Brewing & Brands, all of which operate within the UK.

At our most recent financial year end in May 2016, we operated 3,035 pubs, restaurants and hotels across England, Wales and Scotland, of which 1,823 were retail pubs, restaurants and hotels, and 1,212 were tenanted, leased and franchised pubs. Our leading retail brands and formats include Hungry Horse, Farmhouse Inns, Chef & Brewer, Flaming Grill and the Greene King Local Pubs estate. 

We also brew quality ale brands from our Bury St. Edmunds and Dunbar breweries, and we are the UK’s leading cask ale brewer and premium ale brewer. Our industry leading portfolio includes Greene King IPA, Old Speckled Hen, Abbot Ale and Belhaven Best.

Our policies

We have adopted a code of conduct which sets out a number of principles with which we comply and that we expect our suppliers to comply with.  These include statements that all employees shall be free to choose their employment and shall not be forced to work against their will, and that there shall be no forced, bonded or involuntary prison labour or human trafficking.

For our employees, failure to comply with the provisions of the Code may result in disciplinary action which could result in their immediate suspension or the termination of their employment.

We also operate a whistle blowing policy, aimed at our employees, which encourages staff to report any wrongdoing, including human rights violations such as modern slavery or human trafficking.   Any reports of this nature will be fully investigated and appropriate remedial actions taken.

In relation to our suppliers, we believe that transparency is vital to a successful business relationship.  We are committed to building long-term relationships with suppliers and value open and honest communication with them.  In the event of non-compliance with our Code of conduct, we expect our suppliers to be committed and engaged in remedying the issue within a time-frame set out in a corrective action plan to be agreed with the supplier.  We reserve the right to terminate any agreements should a supplier decide that compliance with the Code is impossible or where a supplier shows repeated disregard for the provisions of the Code. 

Our supply chain

Our supply chain includes over 5,000 suppliers covering food and drink suppliers for our pubs, raw materials for our beers, as well as goods and services not for resale such as equipment used in our pubs, point of sale materials, IT equipment, utilities and waste services, contractors building, repairing or cleaning our pubs, marketing, advertising, recruitment and training.

Our suppliers vary enormously in terms of their size and expertise and many of those will themselves be reliant on their own supply chain, potentially across many countries, in order to be able to supply relevant goods or services to us.

Current and proposed due diligence processes for modern slavery and human trafficking

We have started work on establishing a range of due diligence processes to enable us to identify and assess potential risk areas in our business and our supply chain.

By running many of our pubs as managed houses we have optimum control of the work environment, including labour scheduling and pay rates, thus reducing the risks within our own business.  Nevertheless, training will be developed and delivered to appropriate individuals across the business to ensure that they are aware of the issues and able to assess the risks in their area of responsibility.  

We expect all major suppliers to have suitable anti-slavery and human trafficking policies and processes in place.  Significant suppliers and those in businesses perceived to be most at risk have been asked to confirm their compliance with our code of conduct or to confirm that they have their own equivalent arrangements.  This will be rolled out to our other smaller suppliers over time. As set out above, we reserve the right to terminate any agreement should a supplier decide that compliance is impossible or where a supplier shows repeated disregard for our code’s provisions.

We also propose to update our supplier terms and conditions to require compliance with the Modern Slavery Act and to permit periodic and targeted audits of suppliers in this regard using a risk-based approach.

Our effectiveness in combating slavery and human trafficking

We understand that the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking are growing, and we will continue our approach to mitigating this risk in the year ahead. 

This statement was approved by the board of Greene King plc and covers the following subsidiary entities:

Greene King Brewing and Retailing Limited

Greene King Retailing Limited

Greene King Pubs Limited

  1. K. Holdings No. 1 Limited

Greene King Retail Services Limited

Greene King Services Limited

Greene King Investments Limited

Greene King Retailing Parent Limited

Premium Dining Restaurants and Pubs Limited

Spirit Financial Holdings Limited

Spirit Group Equity Limited

Spirit Group Holdings Limited

Spirit Group Parent Limited

Spirit Intermediate Holdings Limited

Spirit Managed Holdings Limited

Spirit Parent Limited

Spirit Pub Company Limited

Spirit Pub Company (Holdco) Limited

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Spirit Pub Company (Trent) Limited

Spirit Pubs Debenture Holdings Limited

Spirit Pubs Parent Limited



Rooney Anand

Chief executive officer

October 2016