Greene King is being represented by four runners in this year’s London Marathon this Sunday 28 April, who have all been busy training and raising money for our charity partner, Macmillan Cancer Support. Lisa Laycock, a team member from Rothley Court in Leicestershire, is one such runner. Here is her story…

“The London Marathon is something that I have always wanted to do from a young age, so it’s very much a personal challenge but important that I can somehow make a difference along the way.

“As well as Macmillan being Greene King’s charity partner, they were an obvious choice for me to fundraise for after the care they gave to my mother, who died of ovarian cancer several years ago, as well as the amazing support they gave to my family.

“Sadly, this is not the only occasion I have known someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. In the last three years I have also lost aunts to breast and stomach cancer and an uncle to blood cancer. Then in the spring last year my brother was diagnosed with testicular cancer, though I am very pleased to say he is in remission.

“In that low moment last year I decided that I wanted something positive to come from this all and thought that it was time to try for the marathon, not believing for one minute that I would get accepted! Perhaps it was meant to be though, as I was given a place and here we are! In just a few days I will experience one of the hardest but hopefully most uplifting and positive days of my life.

“Am l scared? Yes. Am I excited? Very!! I have trained to the best of my ability and never believed that I could run for that long but I can and I will.

“So, for the memory of my mum, who I miss every day, my aunts and uncle, and for the memory of everyone who has lost a loved one or are fighting right now, my London Marathon is also your London Marathon.”

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We want to wish good luck to everyone running in the Marathon on Sunday, but particularly to our three other team members:

Vicky Calver, business development manager

Michelle Matson, general manager at the Hoy and Helmet in Benfleet

Ryan Crayford, general manager at the Horse & Groom in Streatham