Group HR director, John Smith and his team organised a Health and Wellbeing Week for Greene King team members, which included a range of clinics, workshops and activities aimed at supporting all-round positive lifestyles...

We want Greene King to be a great place to work and we want our team members to feel great while they are at work. With this in mind we organised a Health and Wellbeing Week for both our teams at head office in Bury St Edmunds and our Support Centre in Burton.

A range of workshops and clinics were the core of the week, with a ‘know your numbers’ clinic offering a mini health check, a resilience workshop run by a wellness expert and a physical activity at work workshop, among others. They gave everyone the chance to access their physical and mental wellbeing and offered suggestions on how to improve both.

We also organised a number of fun and informative activities including making healthy homemade snacks and smoothies. We even set up a Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports playing, and a cycle bike spirit competition which was just a fun way to show that exercise doesn’t have to mean going to the gym. We also and had fresh fruit delivered around the office.

Our team members were really enthusiastic about all the events of the week, with some of the workshops and clinics fully booked in advance.

We will be looking to build on the success of this event in the future but for the time being we hope it has given our teams some ideas about how they can improve their health and wellbeing.