Carfest is a three-day mix of music, cars and family fun thought up by Chris Evans and Greene King was invited to fill demonstration slots in the Carfest kitchen. Carl Newey and Jamie Gibbs, our very own ‘Brisket Brothers’, went along and cooked up their brilliant beef brisket for the audience.

The weekend in Jamie's words...

We arrived on Thursday and despite our van having to be recovered from the mud by a tractor TWICE we got to the pop up kitchen where we would be sharing the next few days with some of the UK’s top chefs.

Our menu for the weekend was a 10-hour slow cooked BBQ and Abbot Ale beef brisket served inside a glazed brioche bun with pickled red onions and an oozy cheese sauce. We paired it with our steak and ale roast potatoes and beef brisket gravy.

Our demonstration was at 4pm on Friday and by 10am we were in the kitchen getting prepped, with the nerves beginning to kick in. All demonstrations were being streamed live on Facebook throughout the day – you can see ours here.

The demonstration went remarkably well and we received great feedback from the audience members who were called on stage to taste our dish and also a rapturous applause from the rest of the crowd.

On Saturday we did the demonstration all over again, feeling much more prepared and confident. We followed Candice Brown, who won the Great British Bake Off, which meant a large crowd of around 500.

The demonstration went really well again and it was a brilliant weekend overall. We got to meet some of the UK’s best culinary geniuses such as Tom Kerridge, Candice Brown, Chris Mackett, Peter Sidwell, Jon Fell and Parveen Ashraf.  Working in the same kitchens as these chefs was a real highlight and we look forward to more of the same at Carfest South at Laverstoke Farm Park, Hampshire on the 25-27 August.

Jamie and Carl meet Carfest founder Chris Evans