Ashish Patel, General Manager at the Fox Under the Hill, Hungry Horse tells us how introducing glitter gravy at the pub for Christmas ended with international headlines.

Ahead of Christmas we had an idea to serve glitter gravy to give our customers something extra special and the opportunity for a unique upgrade to their traditional Christmas dinner.

The edible glitter gravy was developed and we added it to a selection of festive meals, including Traditional Turkey with all the trimmings, Butternut and Cashew Nut Roast and Christmas Pie.

We’ve had some great reactions from guests who loved being able to add a bit of seasonal sparkle to their Christmas meals! However, it was the way the story went viral that really took us by surprise.

Within a couple of days I was being contacted by national newspapers, it was in The Sun, The Independent, the Metro and so many more – they were even saying it could be the big food trend for Christmas 2017!

Pretty soon I heard from Radio 1 and ITV and it even appeared on Loose Women!

Within a week it was international, appearing on the news in Australia and I heard it was sampled on a US talk show too!

As you can imagine it got a lot of people talking on social media, we just couldn’t believe our little idea was being talked about all over the world! I think it probably inspired a few glittery dinners in people’s homes this Christmas as well.