Melissa Stillman, Brand Manager for Farmhouse Inns, explains how a short video turned an unusual dessert into a viral sensation...

Before Easter a Yorkshire Pudding chocolate dessert was dreamt up in Half Penny Farm, one of our Farmhouse Inns. We are famous for cakes at Farmhouse Inns and have Cake-a-tiers in each kitchen who produce amazing homemade cakes every day and are free to come up with their own creations.

When we heard about the pudding at our office in Burton we knew we wanted to share it with a wider audience. It felt like one of those ‘love it or hate it’ foods that was bound to get people talking so we visited the pub, made a short video and posted it on social media.

It certainly did get people talking and before long it was making the news as well! We saw it on the Mail Online, the Sun, the FOODbible, ITV and it even appeared on the One Show, while the video itself was viewed over 4millions times, which is incredible!

With so much interest around the pudding we decided to give all of our Farmhouse Inns’ customers the chance to try it - but only if they wanted to. So we set up a poll on the website and asked people to vote if they wanted to see it in their local Farmhouse Inns as well.

The results were clear, with 90% of our customers voting to have the pudding in their local. So from Friday 16 March until Monday 2 April the dessert was available in all of our Farmhouse Inns.

Hopefully some of you got the opportunity to try it. Who knows what our Cake-a-tiers will come up with next!