Brits crave savoury carbs like nothing else when they get tetchy between meals. And chips are the number one go-to food when hanger – the toxic mix of hunger and anger – hits, according to new research for Hungry Horse pubs.

One in four of us (25%) are convinced they’re the “ultimate cure”, closely followed by pizza (23%) and classic fish and chips (21%).

Luckily for pub goers, chips are a staple of the new Hungry Horse menu, with varieties including Dirty Fries, Cheesy Chip Butty to sweet potato fries, good old chunky chips or skinny fries.

Research reveals we’re most likely to get hangry – which is now an official dictionary word - in the late afternoon or late morning when our sugar levels drop.

Carbs are the quickest, easiest, and most satisfying fix. They’re first choice for almost half of us (46%), followed by protein and fatty foods (both 27%). 

Only 9% of us are big enough on healthy eating to think of reaching for an apple, carrot or other item of fruit and veg.

Rob Calderbank, Business Unit Director for Hungry Horse, said: “Hungry Horse is big on flavour and for anyone entering our pub feeling hangry, we have our new menu to tackle it with something to satisfy anyone’s appetite.

“We’re not shy when it comes to experimenting with food innovation, and we always try to create a real showstopper on each of our new menus.  

“But we also know that there’s no feeling quite like biting into a portion of fries or indulging in a deliciously stacked burger when hanger hits.

“Data shows that savoury wins hands down over sweet when it comes to curing hanger, 44% against 26%.

“Whichever you prefer, Hungry Horse has an option for you with a variety of classic and innovative meals and desserts, as well as exciting, limited time offers.”


Vimto burger

When it comes to the top meal choices, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, fried chicken, curry and pies are all among the Top 10 “savourites” – savoury favourites that cure hanger. What’s more, over 100 respondents said they’d fill a hole with a regional delicacy – like haggis or parmo, breaded chicken or pork topped with cheese and popular in Teesside.

For those looking to satisfy the carb cravings, Hungry Horse has recently launched a new menu with just the dishes to help, including some new additions to its burger range including the Sunday Best burger and the Cheesy Berry Vimto® Burger.

If we need a fix of something sweet, we’re most likely to reach for chocolate (36%) or cake (33%), followed by biscuits, donuts, brownies and ice cream.

Eight out of 10 respondents (79%) admit they sometimes feel hangry, and almost one in seven (68%) say it’s enough to make them break a diet or meal plan.

Londoners are the most likely to get hungry and irritable, with 28% saying they’re hit by hanger several times a day, compared with just 9% in the North West.

There’s also a big gender carb gap – with women much more likely to crave takeaway-type food and sweet stuff. 

The survey reveals that 30% of women want pizza when they’re hangry, compared to just 20% of men. 

27% of women want chips, compared to 19% of men and 40% of women want chocolate, compared to just 31%of men. They’re more likely to find sweet comfort with ice cream or fresh fruit. 

If you’re suffering from Hanger and need a solution, book a table at your local Hungry Horse and enjoy the brand-new menu now available by visiting: