There’s nothing sweeter than a freebie, and Farmhouse Inns dining and carvery is offering FREE homemade cake for parents on duty as ‘designated pushchair drivers’ – the unsung parenting heroes who have the selfless task of interrupting their dinner to try and get their little ones back to sleep when out for a family meal.

To help give back to hard-working parents, Farmhouse Inns, the 68-strong restaurant brand, has teamed up with Absolute Radio to celebrate the efforts of designated pushchair drivers and reward them for their dedication to parenting, with a free cakeaway to enjoy on the house.

Farmhouse Inns answered the call from Andy Bush and Richie Firth, the hosts of Absolute Radio’s Hometime Show, who, as dads themselves, believed this overlooked parental responsibility wasn’t getting the recognition it so rightly deserved.

Andy Bush from Absolute Radio’s Hometime Show, said: “As a dad I know first-hand how frustrating it can be when you’re given the role of designated pushchair driver –pacing around a carpark whatever the weather, trying to get your baby to go to sleep.

“This is why we put a call out for pubs and restaurants to get involved and support our cause. We’re thrilled to be able to join forces with Farmhouse Inns to be able to celebrate the ‘guardians of the pushchair’ and give them a special little treat to make up for missing out dinner time with friends and family.”

Parents will simply need to state they are the ‘designated pushchair driver’ when ordering a main meal to receive their consolation for an interrupted dinner: a delicious slice of homemade cake, baked in house by Farmhouse Inns talented Cake-a-tiers.

Emma Price, brand manager for Farmhouse Inns, said: “As family-focused restaurant, we know all too well that someone often has to take responsibility for getting young children back to sleep while dining out as a family.

“That’s why we’re offering the nation’s ‘designated pushchair drivers’ a free cakeaway to enjoy on the move whilst they tend to their little ones – it’s the least we can do to champion the unsung heroes who so often have to watch their food go cold while everyone else tucks into a delicious plate of carvery!”

The trial will be available at all Farmhouse Inn dining and carvery restaurants from 21 January 2019 to 13 February 2019. For more information on the designated pushchair driver promotion and for full terms and conditions, please visit the Farmhouse Inns dining and carvery website

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