Keen to drink less alcohol? Try following these top tips on how to cut down.


The Government guidelines advise that it’s safest for both men and women not to regularly drink more than 14 units a week.

Following these guidelines can help you keep health risks from drinking alcohol to a low level.


If you’d like to cut down, try following these top tips: 

  1. Make a plan
    Before you start drinking, set a limit on how much you’re going to drink.
  2. Set a budget
    Only take a fixed amount of money to spend on alcohol.
  3. Let them know
    If you let your friends and family know you’re cutting down and that it’s important to you, you could get support from them.
  4. Take it a day at a time
    Cut back a little each day. That way, every day you do is a success.
  5. Make it a smaller one
    You can still enjoy a drink but go for smaller sizes. Try drinking a half instead of a full pint, or a small glass of wine instead of a large one.
  6. Have a lower-strength drink
    Cut down the alcohol by swapping strong beers or wines for ones with a lower strength (ABV in %). You’ll find this information on the bottle. Or if you’re drinking spirits, pour the mixer all the way to the top of your glass.
  7. Stay hydrated
    Drink a pint of water before you start drinking, and don’t use alcohol to quench your thirst. Have a soft drink instead.
  8. Take a break
    Have several drink-free days each week.