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Greene King IPA

Greene King IPA is characterised by its hoppy taste and aroma that comes from the use of Challenger and First Gold hops which are combined with pale and crystal malts.

IPA stands for India Pale Ale and the IPA style was created in the days of the British Empire to bring a taste of home to troops stationed in India. Nowadays Greene King IPA can be enjoyed in over 30 countries worldwide.

Tasting notes

Greene King IPA is a perfectly balanced ale, characterised by its fresh, hoppy taste and clean, bitter finish. This hoppy taste and aroma come from two varieties of English hops – Challenger and First Gold – which are combined with pale and crystal malts. A great beer to enjoy with curry, Mexican and other spicy food, or simply on its own.


East Coast IPA

Greene King
East Coast IPA

Amarillo in the copper and as a late hop gives lots of citrus fruits, floral and spicy notes, Centennial, Citra and Galaxy add more citrus and soft tropical fruit and fresh dry hop character. Crisp and bold bitterness adds to the refreshment. Pale malt gives a clean easy drinking body.



Cask Revolution

The Greene King IPA Revolution font is the first major innovation in cask beer dispense since the invention of the hand pull pump. Now you have a choice of serve: Northern, with its smooth and creamy finish and tight head, or Southern, with its clean and crisp hoppier finish and looser, frothier head.

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Bottles of Greene King Very
Special IPA

Greene King
IPA Gold

Greene King IPA Gold is a light, refreshing golden ale that truly brings out the best in the unique and aromatic Savinsjki Goldings hop variety which creates a perfect blend of tropical fruits, mango and spicy notes.


Bottles of IPA Export

Greene King
IPA Reserve

Greene King IPA Reserve is a warming, full-bodied ale with a reassuringly rich appearance. Grapefruit and Orange citrus tones combine with the floral and herbal Styrian Goldings hop variety delivering a beer of exceptional quality with dry bitter finish.


Greene King IPA is available in casks, kegs, bottles and cans. If you are a trade customer who would like to buy Greene King IPA in any form, visit our trade section for details on who to get in touch with. If you are outside the UK and would like to purchase Greene King IPA, contact one of our agents for more information.

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